The Ralph Akale School of Futball – RASOF Personalized Soccer Training


The Twin Cities region established itself in the decade of the nineties as an emerging power in the development of young soccer talent. Many of our pedigree were highly sought after by Division One programs nationwide. No fewer than six of our young men played in the MLS and three would go on to play with the US national team with one playing and contributing immensely in the best results the US has attained in the World Cup. It is very clear that this promise has since fizzled. In spite of the proliferation of soccer teams, soccer camps and private tutorage with “certified coaches”, we can neither boast of a single player on the National Team nor the MLS. Access to the highest level of soccer ought to be the basis for evaluating the outcomes of our collective efforts in Minnesota and we have failed. This is where I have decided to come back. Recognizing that as a coach I should have that singular opportunity to develop players who can re-assert Minnesota’s fading reputation as the bedrock of successful youth soccer development.


Families are in perpetual search for programs which will complement the interest and natural skill development exhibited by their talented children. This quest ought to be rewarded with a comprehensive individual skill development to supplement team strategies. Strategies and systems and in due course tactical trainings are hopelessly ineffective without excellent ball skills by individuals constituting the team. It is not surprising therefore, that a majority of the players representing our state in regional and national tryouts run into serious problems when playing against kids from other states. My plan can significantly accelerate the development of our youth in all the areas required for an individual to be a complete player.
It is important that players not be lured into complacency on account of the frequency of the team trainings, individual schools of technical excellence attendance that teach and disseminate the generic coaching method. The overarching consideration will be that, the kids that come out of this program will have a superior knowledge of the game of soccer.

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