The success of a soccer player should not just be a matter of coincidence but rather the result of conscientious and well coordinated work by those involved.


I have designed a true and tested intensive training for individual skill development. I will accept a predetermined number of players – both boys and girls-with each player guaranteed hour sessions over a period. They will go through modules developed by me and borne out to be fully effective as many of the most successful players of the state would testify. These modules require that every participant gets an abundant amount of touches on the ball with a game type pressure incorporated into their ball control sessions. No robotic kind of series dribbles.


Upon completion, the player will be highly proficient in the following areas;

* Match Fitness (This is different from simply being fit).

* Proper use of body strength for shielding, challenging air balls, imposing oneself within the ball possession circumference

* Dribbling purposefully (Sometimes the area of the field in which an individual finds oneself could determine the proper dribble).

* Developing the proper mindset for different compartments of the field.

* Pacing oneself and dictating the tempo of the game.

* All variations of Heading

* Shooting Techniques

* Masking one’s weakness

* Communicating with team mates

* The True Meaning of Ball Control and how to grow one’s proficiency in it

* Imposing the game on the opponent when in possession of the ball.

* Managing the opponent when defending.

* Thinking two, three even four plays ahead of your opponents. These outcomes will be clearly manifested when team coaches work on tactics and strategies because when done, the ball will become a friend and not some strange object.

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